Important Business Conference?? Weddings Abroad?? Funerals? An exclusive EP Launch??  Baptisms, graduations etc etc…

These all sound like good enough reasons to maximise your event audience by streaming live multi-angle cameras all in HD mixed straight to the Internet.

Lets face it, who doesn’t have access to a computer, tablet, iPad, laptop, android or iOS iPhone these days??  We can easily produce and broadcast a multi camera presentation in High Definition straight to their device, using the best technology available.  What about a close up view of a lecturn, or a wide view on the stage, or maybe even one of the audience.

Using the latest in video management and streaming technology from BlackMagic Designs, Canon Ultra High Definition and a selection of GoPro cameras – we are able to stream live, in high definition – theres no reason to exclude anyone from your event just cause they missed the plane!!

Ask us for a quote – you’ll be surprised how affordable it is!