Band Contracts

10342904_879388722090740_4337974270306181532_nAs part of our committment to supporting local musicians and talent, we also offer “Band & Muso Contracts” : basically its an agreement to fulfill an entire calender of dates with a Full PA, Monitoring and Lighting solution for your band.  Multitrack recording is also an option we offer for live gigs.

Should it be a wedding band, residency or new original up and coming songwriter… we will apply equally as much enthusiasm, eagerness, and above all our passion to ensure that others appreciate your efforts as a muso… so you can be heard as you should be heard!

We have some of the best engineers in Ireland operating with us and are fortunate to be running on great gear. We risk nothing, we cut no corners, we don’t skimp out on gear.  If its great sound you need then thats what you shall have!

With rates negotiable on contract work – you’d be mad to not call us.

Check out some photos of one of our band contracts thoroughly enjoying themselves and sounding epic  – Manouche Swing – give them a like on facebook

Call us to arrange getting a system, an engineer and great pricing for all of your calendars gigs!