Many many upgrades later…

Well 2019 to 2020 has been very interesting, with lots of opportunity to trade up to upgrade more and more of our audio, visual, lighting and conference streaming equipment. Now we stand to offer Line Array PA Speaker systems, point source systems to the point were we can Equipe Cathedrals, Opera houses, Theatres and everything scalable right the whole way down to an office.

In streaming we’ve upgraded to all new Canon XF High Definition and Ultra High Definition series cameras, along with BlackMagic Designs HD switchers, and a whole infrastucture of interconnectivity to make multiroom conferencing happen seamlessly.

We’ve been streaming since 2012, and know all the tricks. We can custom design an entire TV look for your webstream, integrating all elements of social media into your feed, including twitter feed, instagram plugins and facebook feedback. Everything is possible, nothing is beyond an endeavour. We find solutions.

We’ve aligned in a partnership with a local provider of video walls, and can also offer preferential pricing on this as an option now too.

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