LED Screen’s

Choosing not to cut corners on the quality of our screens or our video distribution systems, we have invest heavily into our commercial grade Panasonic LED Screens.

Unicol-VS1000-Stand-for-LCD-LED-Plasma-TV-Trade-Show-Trolley-VS-1000-VS1000--650x650Mounted to 6ft Tall freewheeling stands, these screens will elevate above a front line audience and are typically viewable.  Everyone in the room should be able to take advantage of your presentations, why not let us help with that.

Using amazing new networking technology we can share your presentations across a multitude of screens around a number of rooms in one venue.

Why not consider an Multi Camera HD live camera feed to the screens, or perhaps go even further and have us create a live feed of your event straight to the web – iPhones / iPads / Androids / PC’s / Mac’s – we can broadcast in HD to almost all compatible devices with an internet browser.

To top all of this we have a partner company who specialise in bringing LED Walls to your event with highly competitive pricing.

Call us for a competitive quotation on getting your event seen!

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