Multi Camera

intro@2xIn this day and in this age,its sad to say that there is little left to impress your clients – but there are one or two last tricks that we can pull out of the hat to really add a little more ‘presence’ to your conference.

Switched Multi camera live feeds.

We offer multi-camera (fixed or staffed) feeds to our conferences at less cost than you might at first anticipate, offering direct feed to Plasma & Projector Screens,  and in many cases also to in-house visual solutions too.

Should you have a team offshore unavailable to attend physically – NO PROBLEM.

Get us a fast internet connection  at your venue – and we’ll broadcast to their computers, smart phones, iPads, tablets… in fact anything with a compatible internet browser.

Using the best available equipment, we promise to get you the best possible all round camera solution available to match your budget!

Think big about your conference – think about a conference with no limits and thats pretty much what we can help you create.

Call us for a competitive quotation on getting your event on camera!
















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