2015… so far

Hi All !
So…. probably the biggest project we have been involved in the design and implementation of this year has been “Temple 2015″, a cross community outdoor art installation project based in Londonderry, working alongside and for the world famous Burning Man temple designer “David Best”. For this project we were contracted directly to Artichoke Productions London, and was our 3rd piece working with Artichoke.

The Temple itself was 72ft high, and custom laser cut & manufactured from the best quality birch plywood, before being built together like a giant airfix kit with a crew of over 120 volunteers at the helm.

Check out the temple website at http://templederry-londonderry.com/about for more details on the project

Our own part in the Temple Project was to consult, design, source, and implement a custom built lighting system for the temple, to be powered silently with a generator, with a variable dimmer system to be applicable to all levels of the modularly built temple.

We executed our plan successfully from concept to implementation, consulted directly with David Best, were well within our budget, managed all resource and manpower, and passed all safety compliance testing with local council with no hitches at all.

On the evening of the burn, our efforts were observed not only by the 36,000 people who cam to view the temple, but also all around the world, as the BBC and many other national / international TV crews turned up to document the event.

Yet again, through our partnership with Artichoke, we have served our beautiful community with Art through endeavours of Artists, Technicians and the community themselves.

We are exceptionally proud to have been a part of this project. Check some of our photos at http://www.equipeaudiovisual.com/temple-2015-photos/ ‎
Till the next one….


At last… an update LOL!

OK, so hey we’ve been too busy off building our wee kingdom of equipé…    …that we kind of neglected our website a bit.

So we’ve been up to a lot of exciting stuff really – we set up a few band contracts for the likes of Manouche Swing, The liberals, Danny Conlon and others, but we’ve also been doing loads of freelance AV work in the corporate sector.

The stuff that we are most proud of is our work in the outdoor art installation events sector – Probably the biggest and most prolific of which is that we got to work and design / implement an art piece for Krzysztof Wodiczko, a famous projection artist, originally from Poland, now a professor in Harvard University in Massachussets.  This is now known to be the most contraversial art piece ever created for and within Northern Ireland – and we are proud to have created / curated this piece in partnership with, and under the art direction of Krzysztof.

See more about this project here – but for now check out the video below.

News Factory; Where have we been – What are we at?

Well, after a busy month free-lancing for the Diamond Jubilee and various Olympic 2012 events, we thought we’d probably best run an update on what we’re moving onto in the next week. Proudly working with the production teams from Artichoke & Smallworld this is our largest projects to date.

Our assigned responsibility is for the setup, the establishment, the control and overall direction of the audio & visual elements of both encampments in Northern Ireland: Downhill & Whitepark Bay. The Downhill encampment is quite unique in that we are also creating an install inside Mussenden Temple itself….

It is in fact actually worth noting that this is probably one of the largest art/audio/soundscape installs ever created in the United Kingdom. We are extremely proud to be working alongside the production teams from Artichoke & Smallworld, and hope to be working with them again soon in the future.

This is www.PeaceCamp2012.com; A coastal installation celebrating love poetry and landscape.

Something extraordinary is happening this year as part of the London 2012 Festival. Inspired by the Olympic Truce, whose roots date back to Ancient Greece, renowned director Deborah Warner has been commissioned to create a coastal installation encircling the UK in collaboration with actor Fiona Shaw.

Eight murmuring, glowing encampments will appear simultaneously at some of our most beautiful and remote coastal locations, from County Antrim to the tip of Cornwall, from the Isle of Lewis to the Sussex cliffs. Designed to be visited between dusk and dawn, Peace Camp is a poignant exploration of love poetry and a celebration of the extraordinary variety and beauty of our coastline.

Alongside the live installations, the project will also paint an audible portrait of the nation with the creation of a virtual Peace Camp online. The people of the UK are invited to nominate and record their favourite love poems and submit their own messages, creating an online anthology that celebrates our languages, dialects and accents as well as our rich poetic tradition.

Check out some more video from the production team :

Alastair Goolden, Part One from Artichoke Trust on Vimeo.

Alastair Goolden, Part Two from Artichoke Trust on Vimeo.